September 16 & 17 Manchester  
  October 14 West Sussex  
  October 15 - Body Scanning West Sussex  
  October 22 - Empowering Animals West Sussex  
September 20 - 26 Hay House World Summit
details to follow...
New dates for 2018 tba. Send me your email & I'll keep you updated Hawaii - Cetacean Communication Retreat
  • Professionally organised to a high standard.
  • Animal guest-teachers visit so you can practice animal communication face to face - not only by photographs.
  • Verified information so you can check your progress.
  • Individual attention from Pea Horsley.
  • Number variety - we offer numerous group sizes from small and intimate to larger groups at a lower cost.
  • A relaxed environment and non-judgemental.

"I had read and heard how wonderful Animal Thoughts courses are but didn't fully grasp why people were saying these things again and again until I attended one. I now believe the reason for the amount of positive responses is Pea Horsley's total commitment to animal communication as a means of achieving the greatest good for all species. With this intention, she is able to inspire us and bring out our own innate capabilities in a gentle, respectful and supportive way." - Ali

"Pea made the workshop a lot of fun and was very organised with presentation and delivery of the subject. Her warmth and love of animals came through her interactions with the guest animal teachers and filled the room with a lot of love and light." - Nancy
"Very professionally organised. Pea is a very generous teacher."
  "Pea Horsley provides the highest standard of learning experience in a calm and supportive environment."  
  AnimalThoughts offers a wide range of workshops starting from entry level for the complete beginner and progressing through to advanced courses. To see the full programme take a look here: workshop information.  
16 & 17 September
Hay House Summit
20 - 26 September
Talk & Meditation
details soon!
West Sussex
14 & 15 October
West Sussex
22 October
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