This service can be beneficial on many levels - emotional, physical and spiritual. I act as a channel for you to talk to your animal and for them to respond back to you, giving you both an opportunity to express your feelings clearly. You can ask specific questions about a particular problem or simply get to know your animal and their viewpoints better. Each animal is an individual with their own personality and role in life. Animals also fall in love, laugh, play, and have a sense of humour. Animal communication can benefit your relationship on a general basis or at key points in your lives together.  
  • Understand and resolve behavioural concerns  
  • Express and resolve confusion between you  
  • Release physical and emotional trauma, grief, guilt or fear  
  • Body scan for aches and pains (please still consult a trusted veterinarian)  
  • I can support your animal and you during the end of their life  
  • Ease their transition from this life into spirit  
  • Understand their end of life wishes and desires  
  • Make contact with an animal who has passed over  
  • Tracking a missing animal MISSING  
  • Supporting changes within the household  
  • Support emergency situations  
  • Discover their purpose in your life  
  • Understand a rescued animal's past before they came to you  
  • Hear what's important to them  
  • For deeper understanding between you both  
  I can communicate with your animal companion from meeting them or simply looking at their photo. Decide whether you'd prefer a home visit or due to distance or time, would prefer to work with you using a photo of your animal instead. Go to the 'Schedule a Consultation' button, then email or post everything I request there. Once I have received all the details, your animal's photo and the fee, you're details will be placed on the waiting list. If your animal is missing, please see if I have availability before you send anything as I can only take on a certain amount of cases each week. If your animal is very sick, dying or if this is some other emergency situation please call me directly.  
Please note: Animal communication is not a substitute for trusted veterinary advice. Always seek help from a vet if your animals have any health concerns.
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